Outlook software

This page lists software that you can use to manage spam & viruses in Microsoft Outlook and focus on the emails that really need your attention.

Anti-spam & anti-virus

These systems can keep track of e-mail, suggest possible responses, distribute e-mails among agents, produce reports on e-mail response times, etc. Although these management packages can be very powerful, they only apply to large corporations since they require a lot of time and expertise to implement and are costly. Examples of email management systems:

($39.95 per year)
Blocks spam & phishing. Relies on a network of users who report messages as spam.

($29.95 per year)

Anti-spam. Uses Bayesian filtering & challenge response.
($29.99 one off)
Anti-spam product. Uses Spam block lists, message quarantining and importing of allowed sender's lists.
Trend Micro PC-cillin
($49.95 per year)
Anti-spam, anti-virus, stops phishing and spyware. Includes a personal firewall and home network control.
McAfee Internet Security Suite
($49.99 per year)
Anti-spam, anti-virus, stops phishing and spyware. Performs URL filtering and provides backup and restore.

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